Puffer Fish, sketched with Windsor & Newton watercolor markers, Copic markers and Prismacolor fine line markers.

Batmanatee V Supermanatee: Dugongs of Justice, drawn with pen, ink and Copic markers in a sketchbook.
A sampling of some sticky note sketches, inspired by artists like Todd Nauck and using pen, ink and Copic markers on different colored notes.
Princess Leia in a sketchbook using pen, ink and Copic and Prismacolor markers.
When your little girl requests a drawing of Rapunzel, you draw Rapunzel. (And maybe include said little girl and her favorite dog in the piece as well.) Drawn on Bristol Board with pen, ink and Copic markers.
Missy, sketched on Bristol board in pen, ink and Copic markers.
For our family Christmas card in 2015, I photographed: each member of the family separately; Darth Vader was ​​​​​​​from a family vacation to Disney's Hollywood Studios;  C3PO and R2D2 were actually toys from my collection. In Adobe Photoshop I composited those elements, enhanced them and added some special effects.
Inspired by the "You Are Here" series of mugs by Starbucks, I asked myself "What if there was a Star Wars version?" The above image shows how they might look on mugs. Below are the art files, which were created in Adobe Illustrator.
An illustration rendered completely in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom drawing tablet.

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