So, what IS a content specialist, anyway?
The short answer: I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades.
The not-so-short answer: If you're a creative professional (or aspiring to be), "specialization" is a term you might have heard. Whether we're training to become photographers, designers  or animators, many of us are encouraged to specialize in order to succeed in a very competitive field.
And for some creatives, specialization is vital.
I struggled with this concept for a long time. You see, my own creative interests are vast. So I did something that I know some creative circles frown upon; I became a creative who wears many hats.
Throughout my career, I've used photography, art, video storytelling, writing, social media and a plethora of digital tools to produce content. Part of this was a result of me being in the ever-changing field of journalism for more than a decade. Adaptability and learning new tools and skill sets were critical to ensuring I continued to add value to the organization and industry.
Which eventually led me to realize: While I do not work exclusively with a particular tool, I do specialize in digital content.
From social media to mobile devices, we are all speaking to one audience or another. And so, content -- maybe an animated gif, a photo essay, a video, an article or something else entirely -- is vitally important. So is the ability to pull different skills from the creative toolbox to produce it.
There are so many stories to share, so much information to consume and so many ways to experience them.
A content specialist can help. I can help.
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